What is Picalico?

Picalico is a technology that takes information from machines, devices and other equipment and conveys that information to devices such as computers and smartphones using cameras and markers that change color.

Information transfer using changes in the color of light (color modulation)

Information is sent by color markers that use 3 colors (red, green and blue) and black (off).
Information is expressed using block codes, with 24 pulses per item of information.

Camera (image sensor) used to receive information

Information is received by a camera-equipped device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) or a camera connected to a computer.
Reception does not require a dedicated device.

Features of Picalico

Devices only need to be able to control changes in 3 colors (red, green and blue) to send information, so the technology does not require powerful devices and is simple to install.

Highly flexible information transmission

The use of the marker system means that the source of the information transmission is immediately obvious to the recipient.
Picalico also supports a range of operating modes, including concurrent reception and remote reception.

The location transmitting the information can be checked visually, allowing users to select only the information they want to receive.
Information can be updated in real time and incorporated into existing content (video, etc.).
Once the marker color is recognized, information can be received even at a distance.

Straightforward product development

Because Picalico uses visible light, it is not subject to the Radio Law restrictions that apply to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

It does not need to comply with telecommunications legislation that differs between countries and regions. The costs and time involved in gaining certification can be avoided.
The same product is compliant for all destinations, reducing development costs and shortening the time until shipment.

Design savings and lower costs

Any device capable of controlling changes in 3 colors (red, green and blue) can send information.
No powerful devices are needed and installation is simple.

Compatible with a simple hardware configuration with 3-color LEDs and a 4-bit microprocessor where the LEDs can be driven directly from the microprocessor.
Information can be transmitted with lighting control software for the 3-color LEDs that operates with a time precision of 1%. No need for complex hierarchical communications protocols.
Besides LEDs, information can also be sent from any device capable of color variation, such as computer monitors, tablets, TVs and large-scale displays.

An information application with superb expandability

The particular capabilities of cameras used for reception allow for even more convenient information communication.

Concurrently receives multiple information items in the same field of view.
Allows you to select and display the desired information from among multiple information sources.
Content can be superimposed on actual scenes.

Picalico Supply Modes

The Picalico technology is provided either through the "Picalico Service", an information transmission service for smartphones, or through the "Picalico License", which is an information technology license for computers.


Overview of Picalico

  Picalico Service Picalico License
Suggested applications Supplying information to ordinary consumers
Using smartphones as business terminals
Industrial or business applications (status monitoring, data collection, etc.)
Receiving device Smartphone, tablet (iOS or Android device with a built-in camera) Computer + camera (also supports video capture and data from video files)
Receiving software Casio Picapicamera (to be distributed for free by Casio)
*Customized menus available as an option


Dedicated software produced by the client
*Marker transceiver engine supplied by Casio

Transceiver performance
(transmission speed, recognition resolution)
Fixed based on the dedicated application performance
*Can be changed through customization

Industrial or commercial applications (status monitoring, data collection, etc.)

Picalico Server Used Not used
Sample applications
Installed in machinery to notify the user of information such as fault data and fault handling procedures
Information transmission from public facilities, etc.
A tool at entertainment and other events
Used in a smartphone as a terminal for business use
Automatic monitoring of facilities and devices
Data collection for facilities and devices
Identification and location of moving bodies
Because smartphones are used as receivers, it is ideal for devices or services aimed at ordinary consumers
The devices are already widely used
Operation is familiar so anyone can use it
Transmission consists simply of controlling LED lights, so the signal source is simple to set up and can easily be incorporated into existing machinery and systems
Can be used by existing cameras
Performance can be customized to give levels that exceed even the Picalico Service
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